Hate on Franzen. Go Ahead.

But portray the dysfunction of human relationships like he did in The Corrections. I dare you. 

Hey girl.

Anyway. I am EXCITED.

So, if you rely on me for your literary news, (1) I’m sorry, and (2) Jonathan Franzen is coming out with a book named Purity in September. All the world is abuzz with Franzen hate right now, and I’m sorry–I just can’t comprehend it. The main accusation? “His booksexes be all, you know, not sexy and stuff.”

You people. The essence of the sex in his books is that it’s awkward. It’s one of the many things that makes the relationships in his book so believable and so human. So you want perfectly natural scenes of seduction where two fabulously attractive people with great communication skills and no mommy/daddy issues feel free to ask each other to fulfill their deepest desires, fall naturally into perfect sync and find utter satisfaction with one another? End scene; light cigarette? Well. The erotic fiction department of Amazon is thriving, and you, too, can donate your crisp dollars to the cause.

Franzen’s writing reminds me of Dostoyevsky’s Notes from the Underground. We have a character that’s terribly awkward and struggling to connect with others while being cripplingly self-conscious and selfishly single-minded in his pursuit of ephemeral satisfactions–all the while being in terrible psychic distress–these are Franzen’s characters. Faulty. Awkward. Selfish. Bad decision makers. Above all, human.

I cannot WAIT for the new novel. Naysayers, I am glad you found some titillating thing of his to pick on, just to go against the grain. And you may even have a point. But for all the accusations of being a literary priss, I love me some Franzen. I can’t wait for Purity.

Note: If you haven’t picked up a Franzen book, skip Freedom for the time being and pick up his The Corrections. You will find someone you know in there–someone you could likely write your own book about. Everyone has a mother, father, sister, brother, or significant other that is in this book. I promise. Plus, the storyline and the characters are just better–more fascinating, less frustrating.

Couple posts brewing in the background, but, you know, life. I’ll get there soon. Thanks for tuning in and HAPPY FRANZEN READING!

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