Please Standby for Upcoming Transmission

Hey y’all. This week has been a wild, wacky one, and I haven’t had time to compose anything substantive. But I’ve been on a roll with cadence, and I hate to break it, so here’s a quick update.

  • I finished the “BUT THE TREES” book (The Overstory). It did not get better. More about that next week.
  • I started Madame Bovary (YAAAY) and can’t wait to see if I love it as much as I did in high school.
  • I’m also thinking about picking up Cecilia Corrigan’s collection of poems, Titanic. Cecilia won a writer’s residency at my alma mater while I was a senior, and we got to hang out with her in one of my English classes and read some of the book she was finishing up—Titanic. loved it, and I really liked her as a person, too. I’ve always wanted to read the final version, and it’s time now.

That’s your super quick update. Main takeaway—thank the lord The Overstory is over.



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