My name’s Amanda Muledy. Professionally, I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, but I mostly identify as an editor. I’ve been editing for about five years. I’m also a copywriter, published essayist, creative writer, and technical author. I do layout and design work whenever I get the chance, too, and I’m on the board of directors of a literary magazine. But of all the things I do, I get the greatest joy from being a personal consultant for people looking to up their writing game.

Those with a time machine know me as the future Jeopardy all-star, and you can catch me most days stuffing my brain with various miscellany.  In my spare time, I draw, research rocks and minerals, listen to raucous music, write preposterously avant-garde poetry, study maps, and, of course, read furiously. I know how combustion engines and manual transmissions work, and I am not afraid to use them, should you see my 5.0 on the streets.

I can be reached at muledyaj@gmail.com.

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