“Hey Brah, Where You Been?”

Remember me?

I used to write academic-sounding turned review-sounding posts about books. I kept it clean, I kept it proper, and I kept it smart. And I probably kept it boring, honestly.

Then I founded a business, and it took all my time. I stopped reading, and I certainly stopped blogging.

I need a hiatus from that to rediscover what I want to do with my life.

So, for one thing, I’m back here, blogging about literature, with nothing professional left to prove. (But because of my business, what I do have is a whole bunch of knowledge about what makes blogs fun to read. Want to know more about that? Read everything I’ve done before on this blog and then do the opposite.)

New Amanda is raw Amanda. Raw Amanda still loves books. She thrives on analyzing books and talking about what makes them work and what doesn’t.

But now, it’ll be different. Raw Amanda isn’t diplomatic, professional, or clean-mouthed. I’m not looking for a job; I’m not looking to impress anyone. You’re going to hear me talking this stuff the way I really talk, in real life. I just want to share what I think in a way that’s entertaining and thought-provoking, and authentic.

And I have time to read now! OMG, time to read! Can you imagine?

Fainting lady

So that’s the update. Any y’all still around? Look for weekly updates, probably Thursdays or Fridays.

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