Editing and Coaching 


Everyone needs a second pair of eyes on their work, even editors themselves.

There are  few different levels of editing: developmental, copy editing, and proofreading. My specialty is developmental, but I have extensive experience at all levels. Beyond that, there are a number of a la carte services that I’m happy to provide, such as a quick typo check.  Let’s talk.


Maybe your business has a blog and you need your employees to be authors, even though writing isn’t their trade.

Maybe English is your second language and you want to better express yourself in writing, but things like prepositions and articles boggle your mind and no one seems to be able to explain to you how they work.

Maybe you’re already a great writer, and you want to get tools from someone with a deep understanding of syntax and style to kick up your game a notch.

We’ll take the existing work of your choice and work together not just improve upon it but also to use it as a jumping point. You’ll take with you an analysis of your patterns of error so you can better self-edit. And you’ll get simple-to-remember tricks, tailored to you, for writing with clarity and grace.


I’ve been a freelance editor for five years and was editor for an association for two years. I have experience editing academic, literary, and technical works. Beyond that, I’ve had both analytic and creative work published, and I have a certificate in technical writing. But that’s not really why I’ll be valuable to you.

What really qualifies me to be trusted with your work is my love for the written word. That love makes it my passion. I subscribe to newsletters and blogs that keep me on the cutting edge of my field. I love books on style, and, instead of doing sudoku, I diagram sentences. Every day, I make it a point to learn more about how language works. And it isn’t just about what I know. If I have a question about grammar, I research it until I understand the answer. Over the years, I’ve built quite an arsenal of credible, industry-vetted sources that I know will get me an answer I can trust.

I’m excited to work with you to make your writing the best it can be.


Besides editing, I design brochures and annual/midyear reports. I can also create logos and help with social media and document branding. Whether you want a sleek, modern look to your promotional material or you’re in search of a person who can create a formal and readable white paper, I’ve got the flexibility to create something that suits your needs and the tools to do an amazing job.

You can imagine the one-two punch it would pack to have an editor creating and designing, say, your company’s annual report. Ask me about booking both services. You’ll get professionalism in both content and design in one place.


You can look here, under design samples, for some examples of my work, and you can check out my resume uploaded here. I have full access to the Creative Cloud, and I have years of work in InDesign and Illustrator under my belt.


There’s nothing I enjoy more than working with the written word, and that includes creation. Simply put, I love to write.

I have an adaptable voice and understand how important venue is to tone. As someone familiar with most style guides, I’ll also provide the added bonus of saving your editor a lot of work.


I’ve done loads of copywriting, including writing press releases, reports, and promotional brochure copy. I’ve also had a number of works—professional, academic, and creative—published.

Please see my writing samples for some examples of my work.