Editing Samples

I have been the managing editor of AMCA inmotion magazine since 2014

I edited all white papers published by AMCA International (with the exception of “Review of the Fan 2015 International Conference”)

I am the assistant editor for East on Central, a literary and art journal (2013–present)

I edit all books for software consultant Erik Dietrich of daedtech.com

I edit for the folks at Particular Software

Design Samples

I designed this logo for Codebase Analytics

I designed and edited this midyear report for AMCA International

I created this interactive brochure for AMCA International’s Spring Meetings

I created this plan view sign for AMCA International’s laboratory

I did the layout this book for East on Central

I also designed my resume, of course

To see the more fun, goofy things I’ve done, please see the DaedTech logo, LinkedIn image, and Facebook image…and also this ridiculous thing for my brother’s barbecue team.

Writing Samples,


10 Years of AMCA inmotion
Published in AMCA inmotion, 2016

“SYNCERE Effort: Three Chicagoans Take Leap of Faith to Promote STEM”
Published in HPAC Engineering, 2016

“The AMCA International Laboratory”
Published in AMCA inmotion 2014 (p. 30)

Paradise Lost: The Indeterminate Eve
Published in the Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research

“To One Thing Constant Never”: The Male Characters of Much Ado About Nothing
Winner of the Lake Forest All-Campus Writing Contest, 2011
Published in The Lake Forest Papers


Back Material, Developer Hegemony
(Design is mine, too)
DaedTech LLC, 2017

Corporate Brochure
AMCA International, 2016

“2015 Marketing Report”
From AMCA International’s 2015 Annual Report

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